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Exodus is the UK’s leading adventure tour operator, with over 30 years experience and the widest selection of adventure holidays in over 90 countries across Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica and Europe.

Holiday Brochures from Exodus

Wildlife 2013/2014

Take time with expert guides to discover wonderful wildlife worldwide

They say: "Whether it's showing you your first bear or discussing tiger conservation, Exodus cares about wildlife. The animals' welfare is as important as the encounter itself, with patience, intelligence and sensitivity having always been our watchwords. We make sure expert guides with loads of experience lead our tours to destinations in Europe and worldwide and with well-planned itineraries, these escorted tours give you the chance to get really close to Mother Nature and enjoy magical moments with the wildlife. And for 2013/2014 we've expanded the number of itineraries and countries so you can meet a huge range of fauna from Gorillas to Turtles."

  • All trips are graded so you know whether it's an entirely wildlife focused trip where every aspect is about the local fauna, or if it's a trip that includes some general sightseeing too
  • Accommodation is chosen on location, character, suitability and price including eco-lodges in Costa Rica, basic camps in the Himalayas or around the Galapagos in a boat
  • Key destinations include: Spain, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Arctic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ecuador


Walking and Trekking 2013/2014

See the world on foot with these escorted and guided hiking holidays

They say: "Drink in the best scenery on the planet, from soaring mountains to picturesque and remote rural villages on foot. Walking and trekking keeps you fit, puts fresh air in your lungs and there's nothing more rewarding then that feeling when you've conquered a climb. This brochure allows you to experience the best of the world on foot, with over 150 different itineraries for you to choose from. All trips are graded so you know if the itinerary will suit your needs or not, with Leisurely, Moderate, Challenging, Tough and Tough+ gradings. To give you an idea of the level of fitness required, the trip to summit Mont Blanc is a Tough +, whilst the Amalfi coast holiday is a Leisurely."

  • Look out for Adventure Pioneers logo throughout the brochure – these are the most adventurous trips offered, pushing the boundaries and delving into new or remote regions
  • Group sizes are kept small with no more than 20 guests
  • Key destinations include : France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Tanzania, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Nepal, Tibet, India, Peru, Argentina, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

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