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Traidcraft, as the UKs leading fair trade organisation, has been organising tours for the past 20 years and has now teamed up with independent tour operator Saddle Skedaddle to provide these tours.

The key ingredients on any Traidcraft tour is to spend time with the Fairtrade producers and at development projects, tour places of historical and cultural siginficance, see beautiful countryside and wildlife, meet local people in their environment – all in a responsible way.

Traidcraft doesn’t aim to change the world with these tours, but simply to offer a respectful way to facilitate the meeting of worlds. Truly a voyage you will never forget.

Holiday Brochures from Meet the People

Fair Trade Holidays 2014/2015

Meet the people who participate in Fair Trade projects with a small group of like-minded people

They say: "The essential ingredients of these specialist holidays include wonderful scenery, meeting amazing people and enjoying unforgettable experiences, including spending time with Traidcraft producers, visiting religious and historic sites and learning about different cultures, all whilst travelling with like-minded people. Traidcraft has been running these eye-opening tours for many years now, allowing travellers the opportunity to see the benefits of fair trade work at first hand. This is not mass tourism. Undertaken on fair trade terms and working with Saddle Skedaddle who run the tours for Traidcraft and through partnerships with local people, the focus is on making a light footprint – and over 60% of the land-based tour fee goes to the local communtities."

  • All tours are limited in group size to be able to keep it authentic, far removed from the tourist trails
  • All fair trade tours are designed to be run responsibly so you make a positive impact, with respect for all people, cultures and traditions too
  • Key destinations include : India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Chile

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