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Mexico City - Wizzy says: Mexico City offers a vibrant view of Hispanic culture, foot stomping music, energetic dance routines, aromatic cuisine, and, at Bazar Sabado, one of the most world renowned locations for handicrafts, ceramics and silver jewellery.
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Belfast - Wizzy says: Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, offers everything from the culture of the Grand Opera House to the delight of W5 and the Big Fish. Look past the recent internal conflict and simply enjoy a vibrant, busy city full of history, life and pubs.
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Tuscany - Wizzy says: On the west coast of Italy, the region of Tuscany boasts the perfect holiday recipe. Made up of historic towns, picturesque countryside and stunning beaches, with fine wines, tasty food, sumptuous art and steeped in culture it's a great region to explore.
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Luxor - Wizzy says: Luxor has a plethora of 'must see' sights and musuems that will fascinate both young and old. A visit to this vibrant part of Egypt will require enthusiasm and stamina with so much to see and a local culture so different from the British way of live, but
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Inca Trail - Wizzy says: Trek the Classic Inca Trail if you want to experience once of the world's most famous walks and learn about Inca culture. If you would prefer to hike to Machu Picchu without passing several other trekking groups along the way, then look into alternative
Regional Intro, Maldives, Sri Lanka > Indian Ocean & Arabia Multi Centres
from Kuoni Collection 2014 by Kuoni Travel
Indian Ocean & Arabia Multi Centres 16 Indian Ocean & Arabia This part of the world is simply paradise. Combine the dazzling beaches of the Indian Ocean with the history, culture and bustling cities of Arabia. Whether it's a Maldivian island, the malls and markets of futuristic Dubai...
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The Americas > Introduction
from World of Wonders (January 2014 - April 2015) by Voyages Jules Verne
...south, understandably boasts a wealth of variation in geography, climate, culture and modern history. Essentially a land bridge uniting two larger......fabulous wealth of flora and fauna. South America, with its diverse history, culture, flora and fauna, is one of the world's most inspiring regions...
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Beautiful Bangladesh
from Fair Trade Holidays 2014/2015 by Meet the People
...waterways, fertile farmland and a rich and fascinating Photo: Amanda Woodcock culture. It's also home to some of Traidcraft's oldest trading partners......encourage you to sample the multitude of tastes, sights and sounds that Bangladeshi culture has to offer. Page 10 Contact us: 0191 265 1110...
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Explore Costa Rica & Nicaragua
...a heady mix of stunning scenery, vibrant culture, lively politics, & Fairtrade. Explore Costa Rica & Nicaragua Highlights Exploring......sugar and pineapples, this tour is a heady mix of stunning scenery, vibrant culture, lively politics, and Fairtrade. And all bathed in the aroma...
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Destinations > Europe
from Tailormade Cruise Holidays by USAirtours
Europe EUROPE The best of land and sea SEEK OUT THE JEWELS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN Pictures can only tell part of the story when it comes......city to city giving you the most romance, fashion, cuisine and culture that will make your holiday one to remember. Provence, France Notre Dame...
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